New WCF Treasurer announced

The WCF are pleased to announce that Chris Clarke has been elected as the new Treasurer.

 Chris won the election with 37 votes, beating strong competition from Tarek Abdou, who received eight votes and Jose-Maria Alonso-Gamo who received nine votes. The WCF are pleased to have had such strong candidates and thank the unsuccessful candidates for their interest.

Chris brings a wealth of experience to the role, both from a croquet and a finance perspective. He had a career in financial management and logistics before moving to New Zealand. He has many decades of experience in croquet administration, having supported our sport at both club, regional and national level. A UK citizen, with permanent residence in NZ, he understands the workings of the WCF, having previously acted as Secretary-General.  Twice WCF World AC Champion, and winner of over 50 other national titles he understands world class croquet and so will be able to draw on this experience to contribute to the Management Committees discussions and business. Chris has been inducted into both WCF Hall of Fame and the CNZ Hall of Fame.

Chris starts his role immediately and his term ends 31.12.2024.


Senast ändrad av Daniel Larsson Jun 15, 2021.

SM Resultat 2021

SM i Association Croquet 2021

1. Lewis Palmer

2. Joi Elebo

3. Eje Elebo

SM i Golf Croquet 2021

1. Joi Elebo

2. Lewis Palmer

3. Mattias Vainio

Plate. Anton Kamne

SM i Svensk Krocket dubbel 2021

1. Mikael Agebjörn / Thomas C Ericsson

2. Joi Elebo / Eje Elebo

3. Anton Kamne / Björn Kamne

SM i Svensk Krocket enklots singel 2021

1. Mikael Agebjörn

2. Joi Elebo 

3. Tim Öhrberg

SM i Svensk Krocket tvåklotssingel 2021

1. Thomas C Ericsson

2. Joi Elebo 

3. Mikael Agebjörn

SM i Golf Croquet dubbel, 2021

1. Ivar Rasmussen & Jörgen Larsson

2. Joi Elebo & Daniel Larsson

3. Mattias Vainio & Anders Elfström

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